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Accident Reporting & RIDDOR

It is reported annually that the cost of injuries and ill health is significant financially, as part of the bespoke package we offer at DM Safety and Health Services Ltd, one of our key aims is to provide the support that reduces the potential for accidents, incidents and near misses. RIDDOR places duties on employers, self-employed and people in charge of work premises to report in conjunction with the regulations in respect of serious workplace accidents, occupational diseases specified dangerous occurences. Our service offers tailored policies and procedures which are based on the needs of your business. To ensure you are compliant with RIDDOR provisions, we provide 24/7 retained support which includes access to out of hours emergency contact where required. In the event of a workplace accident or dangerous occurrence, we have consultants available to undertake or assist the investigation processes, identify root causes and provide recommendations to prevent recurrence in the future.

Contractor Management

Contractor Management remains a key function for many companies. We have a proven Contractor Management process whereby we work in conjunction with our Clients to ensure their selection processes are fluid and that the outputs of this process result in competent Contractors being appointed. Due to the potential of increased hazard profile when Sub-Contractors are engaged, we have a support network to ensure that procedural data, policy directives and identified risks are suitably addressed and briefed to those who may be affected. In addition, our Consultants offer the service of 24/7 retained support and will dedicate a Case Manager where necessary.

Litigation and Claims

DM Safety and Health Services Ltd have a dedicated legal department to offer and to provide advice, recommendations and documentary assessment of civil claims both received and those required to be defended following the assessment of cases individually we will provide next steps advice in order to ensure out Clients have the best modicum of protection relating to the incident in question.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is a fundamental part of managing Health and Safety regardless of the size / scale of business. Our multi-skilled team have both the tools and expertise to support our Clients and ensure they adhere to the appropriate statutory instruments and furthermore understand how to construct a Risk Assessment, monitor, maintain and revise them. We have Consultants who specialise in a variety of industry sectors and will ensure we direct your query or support requirement to the most appropriate person.


Both the Lift Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 are regulations which place duties on companies to manage lifting equipment and work equipment respectively. DM Safety and Health Services Ltd have skilled practitioners in respect of Lifting Equipment and Work Equipment functions who can assist Clients in understanding legal requirements, and both providing or customising training packages so that they remain compliant. We have a dedicated Appointed Person for Lifting in house who specialises in the development of Lift Plans and work equipment safety.

CDM & Construction Safety

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 are the primary set of regulations for Construction Projects in the UK. As a multi-disciplinary Safety Consultancy, we provide a bespoke Construction Safety service which includes CDM Duty Holder roles, notably that of Principal Designer. Furthermore, we provide skilled staff for CDM Site Residencies in order to provide a safe pair of hands for our Clients along with our Clients support.

Manual Handling

Manual Handling remains the most significant cause of workplace injuries in the UK. DM Safety and Health Services Ltd have a bespoke Manual Handling Training Course along with the ability for a skilled consultant to assemble, implement and maintain a bespoke Manual Handling Risk Assessment which is customised to Clients. Within our regular audit and inspection regime that we undertake for the majority of our customers, we review Manual Handling processes, Risk Assessments and Training and advise appropriately on recommendations for action.


Due to the extensive work that DM Safety and Health Services Ltd undertake in the Construction and Engineering sectors, a great deal of Sub-Contractor support is apportioned to companies who undertake electrical works. A designated Consultant is available to assist in the development and maintenance of Electrical Works Risk Assessments, Isolation processes, Portable Appliance Testing and advice on appropriate Training courses for electrically trained personnel.

Method Statements

Particularly within the Construction Sector, we have the resource within our in house team to assist in the assembly of Method Statements / Safe Systems of Work where we work our Clients to establish a clear sequence of operation which runs in tandem with an appropriate Risk Assessment. In addition to this, we offer training courses so that Clients are able to develop their own Safe Systems of Work and Method Statements for the task they are undertaking and this service operates within all of the industry sectors in which we specialise.

Fire Safety and Fire Plans / Risk Assessments

We have an in house dedicated Fire Safety Engineer who undertakes external training with a proportion of our Client base and reviews this training on an annual basis. One of the most significant challenges for landlords and occupied premises, is the assembly of Fire Risk Assessments / Fire and Evacuation Plans for the buildings in which they occupy. DM Safety and Health Services Ltd will allocate a Case Manager to assemble and implement Fire Safety Processes in your workplace and undertake the level of Fire Safety Training that is deemed necessary.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

It is a legal obligation to ensure that assessments are in place for the substances which are used and handled by the organisation. DM Safety and Health Services Ltd have a bespoke glossary of CoSHH Assessments for all manners of substances used across industries and will allocate designated Trainers to attend your workplace and undertake CoSHH Training with designated members of staff.

Health & Safety Policy / Safety Management Systems

DM Safety & Health Services Ltd will conduct a review and structure the appropriate management arrangements that define a company Health, Safety & Environmental policy. Our consultants will conduct a review of the size and scale of the business and construct meaningful directives for Health Safety and Welfare which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed.

Personal Protective Equipment

Subject to engagement with DM Safety & Health Services Ltd, we propose to undertake a review of your processes and assist you in determining your PPE requirements, providing advice on outsourcing and importantly devise and maintain a set of application tools for managing both stocks and compliance.

Information for Employees

It is a legal duty for employers to pass relevant information concerning Health, Safety and Welfare to their employees. Part of our service portfolio upon engagement is to review a client’s existing communication system and devise the best mechanism of information transmittal using a variety of framework tools.

VDUs or Display Screen Equipment

As part of the ergonomic workstation assessments that are available within our range of services, we have developed a bespoke set of application templates and procedures which can be adopted by clients to manage their Display Screen Equipment and Visual Display Units.

CDM Advisory

Our core service is enshrined in Construction Safety and we have a range of competent consultants who specialise in the areas of groundworks, superstructures, highways, temporary works and heavy lifting.

Occupational Health

In a changing world, Occupational Health management and surveillance is an emerging area for employers in respect of managing their duty of care obligations. We have a specialist Occupational Health Nurse who can conduct Fitness for Work evaluations and site based checks that provide employers with comprehensive medical screening reports for their employees.

Legislation Updates

Legislation is constantly changing. As part of our association with IOSH and RoSPA, DM Safety & Health Services Ltd will send regular mailshots to our clients that advise them of the prospective and proposed legislative change along with competent advice as to how that change should be managed.

If you would like to download our Company Brochure for our range of products and services, please Click Here.